People from all walks of life are welcome here. I want this to be a safe place for people from various cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds. I also invite people from different lifestyles and religious/spiritual backgrounds to feel comfortable communicating with me and others here. If for any reason you do not please let me know immediately. Comments that denigrate others based on these bases are not welcome on this site. I strive to make this a nonviolent, welcoming space where people can feel free to be themselves. This is not meant to be PC (politically correct), just respectful and mindful of our common ground as well as our differences. As long as you are not hurting a minor/child, dependent adult, or elderly person and both people are consenting, I am open to hearing from you. This is not a site that encourages, condones or in any way abets child abuse, sex with minors, or any kind of non-consensual harm to other adults.

This site is also not a substitute for psychotherapy or psychiatric care for mental illness or emotional issues. If you need assistance with that, please contact a qualified mental health professional. For medication evaluation, contact a psychiatrist; for psychotherapy you can contact me or another psychologist, or a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) or Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).

With that said, I look forward to hearing from you!

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