Grief Walker

I recently had the pleasure of watching a fabulous movie about grief. The title of this movie is “Griefwalker” and it takes a spiritual approach to grief that I appreciate it very much. Instead of focusing on the sadness of losing a loved one, it emphasizes that we should appreciate life all the more because it has an end. This may sound simple, but it is surprisingly difficult to grasp emotionally. I’m probably not doing the movie justice, as the way Stephen Jenkinson in the movie explains it is much more eloquent and poetic than what I can paraphrase. However, I recommend that you see it all the same. It can be a very healing experience to watch something that describes your experience accurately and profoundly. I would love to know what your comments or once you’ve seen it. It is available on Netflix or through Stephen Jenkinson’s website. For more information about Stephen Jenkinson, you can visit

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